Xbox and beer

Impulsive behavior is weird. You just do shit and don’t think of the consequences.

If you read my last post, you’ll know I was talking to HIM last night. I was having a downer of a night with it being valentines day and all that. Well I ended up going to see him. It was one of them impulsive moments. I had a really good night though. We played video games, and watched a movie, drank some beers. Then slightly hungover this morning/midday, he made me some food, then I came home. No label or anything, just hung out, was chill. It was nice. I had fun, and was distracted. I didn’t have to cry myself to sleep because I was alone.

Maybe sometimes impulsive behavior isn’t all bad. Staying up till 4am, watching films and stuff probably not a good idea, but it was nice to see him, and not label it. We hung out. Maybe we will do it again. Maybe not. I don’t know. I’d like to, but I’m not expecting anything from it. I don’t know how I feel about it or what I should feel about it, I just want it to be that feeling of having a good time with someone who’s company you enjoy. Also I got bacon, so it’s all good.

I wonder if he reads these posts? Probably not.


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